The State of Tennessee has demanded that
Gateway give a list of the Names,
Ages, and Addresses of students!!!

We were told that unless this information was received by Monday, March 11, 2019 that "all students enrolled in at that time would be considered truant." To prevent enrolled families from facing truancy issues, Gateway will be sending the names, ages, and addresses of enrolled students by Monday, March 11, 2019.

Gateway was established in 1982 and has operated as a church-related school in Tennessee and has met (and continues to meet) all the provisions of TCA § 49-50-801. For many years in the past Gateway has been asked to provide a list on the basis of TCA § 49-6-3007, but we understood this to apply to schools seeking approval from the State of Tennessee. (Gateway has never sought State accreditation and as a result, Gateway students transferring to public schools would be required to be tested.) Apparently, this statute was revised in July 2018 to specfically include church-related schools. We asked an attorney (who was recommended by HSLDA) to investigate this matter. After reviewing the law, his opinion was that Gateway is required to provide the information.

I am grieved that the state has forced our school to provide your personal information.

Please pray about this difficult situation. We have posted this on our Facebook page and ask you to please pass the word to all homeschoolers and ask them to read this notice. We will be sending email notifications to families but are limited to 500 per day. I expect that our phone lines and email will receive an avalanche as a result of this so please be patient. If you email us about this matter, please put "Response to Urgent Notice" in the subject line.

Greg Stablein, Coordinator

March 13, 2019 update:
•Gateway has provided to both the Tennessee Deparment of Education as well as to Shelby County Director of Schools (based on where our school is located) a printout of the Names, Ages and Addresses of Tennessee students.
• The Tennessee Department of Education has now stated that it will NOT consider all Gateway students truant.
•Gateway will be expected to provide lists of the Names, Ages, and Addresses to each county school system by April 15, 2019.
•No further action is necessary on the part of enrolled families at this time.
•For possible future consequences you should review TCA §49-6-3007 as well as State Board of Education Rule 0520-07-02-.05.
•We expect to begin sending the emails about this matter on Monday, March 18, 2019. (This will give us time so that we can give more complete and accurate information.)




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