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GATEWAY EXPECTS THE PARENT-TEACHER TO DIRECT THE STUDENT’S FULFILLMENT OF REQUIREMENTS FOR GRADUATION. Our goal is to prepare a credible transcript representing the academic work of a student; whether for transferring credits to other high schools, or for entrance into colleges/universities, vocational/technical schools, the military, or employment. To do this we must evaluate the acceptability of a student’s coursework. These guidelines have been prepared to help steer your student toward a high-school diploma with a credible transcript, and to answer the most frequently asked questions:


A. School Year
To avoid truancy issues students should enroll before August. An academic year is 180 school days/4 hours minimum per day. We do not consider an 8-hour day as two (2) days. (Graduating seniors are not always required to complete 180 days.)

B. Credits
We consider one credit to be the equivalent of 150 classroom hours. Eight credits is the maximum for a two-semester school year (i.e. four credits max per semester). Note: Students are required to take at least two credits per semester or equivalent half credits. Gateway requires 22 credits for high-school graduation. Not all credits from other schools will transfer. Keep in mind that some courses have prerequisites in order to receive credit.

C. Summer School
A full summer session is typically expected to take 55-60 days. Three credits is the maximum for a 3-month summer session. The summer educational plan must be approved prior to beginning summer studies. Non-academic courses (such as Distributive Education, P.E., etc.) will not be given summer credit unless accompanied by an academic subject.

D. Language Arts/English
English is required each year of high school even if an English credit is earned in the summer. High School English includes Grammar, Composition, and Literature. Only one credit of English can be earned in a regular (two-semester) school year.

E. Math

Math is required each year of high school even if a math credit is earned over the summer.

F. Electives
Elective credits are required to meet the 22 credit minimum (2 credits for College Prep and 6 for General Course)..

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A. Application & Educational Plan
Please keep original of all Applications and Educational Plans for your records. If you make changes in teaching materials during the semester, you need to send us a updated Educational Plan marked "Revised."

B. Grade/Attendance Reports
Submit one grade report per semester /summer term upon completion. List courses by specific titles (Math, History and Science are not acceptable for high-school course titles). Keep originals of all Grade/Attendance Reports for your records.

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A. Final Enrollment Deadlines for Seniors
Seniors who are not enrolled by December 15 and are 18 years of age are not eligible to enroll in Gateway's Total Home Education Program.
Seniors who are not enrolled by February 28 will not be eligible to graduate in the current school year.

B. Six-Month Requirement
Seniors with Gateway are required to enroll at the beginning of the school year (August) in which they plan to graduate. Seniors must be registered a minimum of six months before graduation and must continue academic studies throughout this final six-month period. (Exception: RETURNING students registered at the BEGINNING of the school year may be able to graduate at the end of the first semester.

C. Final Grade Deadline for Seniors
August 31 is the DEADLINE for final Grades. Any senior whose yearly or summer-school grades are not received by August 31 must register for the following school year and continue with more work. This may require the student to fulfull and updated set of graduation requirements.

D. Graduating
Allow two weeks from the date we receive your final grades to receive diploma and final transcript. If transcript needs to be sent to a college of university, please submit you request

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A. Requests
All Grade/Attendance Reports must be submitted for transcript requests to be fulfilled. For Seniors there is no fee for the first six transcripts we send. For additional transcripts there is a $5 fee. PLEASE ALLOW TWO WEEKS FOR US TO PREPARE THE TRANSCRIPT.

In order for ACT/SAT scores to be sent to Gateway to be included on the transcript you will need to use Gateway's high school code: 431-421 when filling out the application for the ACT of SAT so that both the school office and the family will get a copy of the scores.


A. Finishing High School Early
The absolute minimum time to complete high school would be two years and would require summer English credits. A student must take an ACT/SAT and score a minimum of 21 to graduate before his/her seventeenth birthday. A student attempting to graduate early who does not make a sufficient ACT/SAT score will not receive a high school diploma from Gateway.

B. Earning Credits Before Ninth Grade
A student may acquire up to three high-school core-curriculum credits before he/she enters ninth grade. However, not all core subjects are acceptable. Algebra I or II, Geometry, World History and Foreign Language are examples of acceptable subjects. High School Physical Science before ninth grade would require Algebra I as a pre- or co-requisite to be acceptable. English and US History will not be given high school credit prior to 9th grade. Please indicate planned credit for all high-school coursework on the Educational Plan form.

C. "Honors/AP" Courses
Gateway does not offer "Honors" or "AP" courses although we would transfer courses form other schools that use these designation. These courses will not have extra weight in Gateway's GPA. Our GPA calculation is "unweighted for all courses (i.e. based on A 4.0, B 3.0, etc.).

D. Dual/Joint/Concurrent Enrollment Courses at Colleges
Parents may use dual/joint enrollment as a portion of their home education program but not as a substitute for home education. Gateway requires students to do a minimum of 50% of their studies at home. When applying for dual or joint enrollment, remember that you are dealing with two schools - the high school (Gateway) and the college. You must meet the requirements of both institutions in order to be eligible for dual/joint enrollment. To ensure that you are meeting Gateway's requirements, please read our Dual Enrollment Guidelines at www.gatewaychristianschools.com/Dual_Enrollment.html or request a copy by mail. To be approved for dual enrollment, a student must be enrolled with Gateway for the school year in which dual enrollment classes will be done and all grades must be current. He/She must be approved by Gateway for dual enrollment before first day of class.

E. Physical Education
One P.E. credit will be awarded for 150 hours of physical activity of an athletic or sporting nature. This may be completed in one year or in half credit increments over two years. Additional P.E. credit may be earned as elective credit.

We hope that this information will be of some help to you. Please keep these guidelines on file for reference. If you have questions please contact us by phone, e-mail, (gateway_@bellsouth.net), fax of mail.

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*Updated May 2021



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