This list is not exhaustive. Please read the disclaimer at the top of this page for more information on choosing electives!

































This list is not exhaustive. Please read the disclaimer at the top of this page for more information on choosing electives!























This list is not exhaustive. Please read the disclaimer at the top of this page for more information on choosing electives!






















This list is not exhaustive. Please read the disclaimer at the top of this page for more information on choosing electives!

High-School Electives


This is not an exhaustive list. We have hesitated to post a list of electives in order to keep home-educating parents from feeling like they are limited to the list we provide. Even though there are almost limitless options for electives, not everything is acceptable as an elective. Please contact us by phone or email if the course you are considering is not listed below. Courses beyond Gateway's graduation requirements are considered to be electives, but repetition of courses is not acceptable for high-school credit.

When choosing electives with your child, we recommend that you consider your child's interests and hobbies and try to do electives that appeal to the student. Please note that the list below does not provide a course description for each elective. We consider it your responsibility to do the research to find what is part of each high-school course. This list is intended as a reference for those who wish to see if a course they are considering is acceptable and for those who need some ideas for where to start. If you have questions about whether a course is acceptable at Gateway, please feel free to email us at

Some electives will result in a more academically superior education for a student. Also, keep in mind that some scholarship applications ask a high-school counselor to evaluate the academic rigor of a student's curriculum. Electives and other choices play a significant role in determining this information. When choosing electives for a college bound student, make sure to choose more academic electives like an additional math, science, social studies, foreign language, etc.

Keep in mind that some activities are better recorded as part of the student's portfolio, rather than the student's academic transcript. Music competitions, awards, participation in most clubs, volunteering, and mission trips, etc. are best in the student's portfolio. In addition, while some activities are certainly worthwhile, it does not follow that they will earn credit on an academic transcript. Babysitting, soul-winning, ACT preparation, and career planning are among these.

While some families choose to do in-depth study covering part of a high-school course, the student may not earn separate credit. Many students find Civil War or World War II history fascinating, but they are considered part of U.S. History and World History and do not merit additional credit.

Alphabetical List of Acceptable Elective Courses

Acceptable Elective Courses:

The courses towards the top of this list are more highly recommended for an academically-minded student than those towards the bottom of the list.

  • Additional math course (beyond Gateway's required 4 courses); e.g. Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Trigonometry
  • Additional science course (beyond Gateway's required 3 courses); e.g. Physics, Anatomy & Physiology, Astronomy, etc.
  • Additional social studies course (U.S. History not acceptable for additional credit)
  • Additional music, art, dance, or theatre arts course
  • Additional foreign language course; e.g. Spanish III, French III, etc.

P.E. (Physical Education)
Civics (.5 credit)
Computer Programming
CAD (Computer Aided Design)
Computer Applications
Political Science
Computer Technology
Principles of Business
Intro to Computers
Computer Networking
Webpage/Website Design
Typing/Keyboarding (.5 credit)
Intro to Engineering
Graphic Communications
Audio Production
Multi-Media Productions
Medieval History
World Religions
Church History
Tennessee State History (Max .5 credit)
Biblical History
Mock Trial
Intro to Electronics
Constitutional Law
Civil Air Patrol (2 credits max)
Flight Instruction
Intro to Business
Business Management
Computer Literacy
Computer I & II
Current Events
Christian Worldview
Building Trades
Criminal Justice
Sign Language (does now meet foreign language requirement)
Culinary Arts
Home Interior Design
Small Animal Science
Driver Education (Max .5 credit)
Equestrian Training
Auto Shop
Auto Mechanics
Computer Graphic Design
Auto Body Repair
Life Management
Home Economics (Recommend 2 credits max)
Small Engine Repair
Animal Husbandry
Equine Science
Industrial Arts
Distributive Education (Supervised, paid job) (2 credits max)

Not Accepted as Electives:

  • Additional study of U.S. History
  • Additional course that would be considered part of English such as literature, creative writing, poetry, spelling, grammar, composition, etc.
  • Repetition of Economics, Health, or any other course.




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