2021 Graduation Ceremonies

*** Gateway Total Home Education Program does not offer a graduation ceremony. Please consult the following list for information on a ceremony in your area. Some 2021 ceremonies may be postposed or canceled due to Coronavirus

Chattanooga Area
CSTHEA Graduation Coordinator:
Contact Information: Email: graduation@csthea.org
Graduation Ceremony Date:
Visit CSTHEA's website for more information.
Knoxville Area
SMHEA Graduation Coordinator:

Contact Phone:
Contact Email: info@smhea.org
Check www.smhea.org for updates on the graduation ceremony as they are posted.
Graduation Ceremony Date:

Memphis Area
MHEA Graduation Coordinator:
Contact Phone: (901) 753-4705
Contact Email: graduation@mymhea.org
Website: www.mymhea.org
Graduation Ceremony Date:


Nashville Area
MTHEA Graduation Coordinator:
Contact Email: office@mthea.org
Website: www.mthea.org
Graduation Ceremony Date & Location: Location:
Details: Student’s family must be MTHEA members. ______________________________________________________________________________________


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