Dual Enrollment Guidelines

Note: If you are interested in your student doing dual/joint enrollment, please email us at Gateway_@bellsouth.net (with a subject line of "Dual Enrollment") in May or early June for the fall semester or in October/November for the Spring semester so that we can start getting all the paperwork in order. We will also send you an early registration form to fill out so that everything is in order for dual enrollment.

Click here to Download Dual Enrollment Packet

Students must be enrolled with Gateway for the school year in which they plan to do dual/joint enrollment. Be sure your application includes the High-School Educational Plan form with specific high-school course titles, curriculum, and planned credit assignments for all subjects. Our new applications are available in the spring before each school year. We will begin accepting applications for the year in May 2021 for those needing early registration for fall dual enrollment. Please write “Dual Enrollment” in the upper right corner of the Gateway application.

We strongly suggest that all necessary paperwork be sent together. We are usually able to send out recommendation letters and consent forms for dual/joint enrollment 7-10 business days after the student is enrolled for that year. Students not enrolled at Gateway for 2021-22 and not approved by Gateway for dual enrollment by the first day of college classes will not receive high-school credit for their dual-enrollment classes.

When applying for dual or joint enrollment, remember that you are dealing with two schools – the high school (Gateway) and the college. You must meet the requirements of both institutions in order to be eligible for dual/joint enrollment. All students who plan to take college classes must be enrolled at Gateway and approved by Gateway for dual/joint enrollment, even if they do not plan to get high-school or college credit.

Current grades must be submitted to Gateway early enough to allow our Dual/Joint-
Enrollment Department to review and post them on the transcript. Be sure Grade/Attendance
Reports include the date each semester ended, parent’s signature, and appropriate course titles,
grades and credits. If the Dual/Joint-Enrollment Department encounters problems with the grade
reports, they will contact the parent to discuss revisions. Please read carefully the teacher
instructions on the back of the grade report as well as the high-school guidelines in order to record
grades properly and avoid delays.

Report ACT/SAT scores. Please mention recent ACT/SAT scores in your correspondence
when applying for dual/joint enrollment so that we can ensure their inclusion. Keep in mind that
most colleges require the student to have taken an ACT or SAT and to have an appropriate score in
order to be accepted for dual enrollment. (Many colleges require an acceptable ACT/SAT on the
pertinent subsection.) Gateway automatically receives ACT/SAT scores of students who use our high-school code (431-421) when registering for the test. If, however, our high-school code was not used, the parents should send us a copy of the official results they received.

Fill out & submit Gateway’s Dual/Joint-Enrollment Forms at least two weeks before you
want Gateway to send information to the college. Be sure to include all necessary information with
the forms (enrollment paperwork; course descriptions; any required college forms, if applicable;
ACT/SAT scores, etc.).

Send Gateway a copy of the course description(s) from the college catalog for the planned
college course(s). (Must be included with Gateway’s forms.)

Gateway has a fee of $10.00 per dual/joint enrollment class. Please use Paypal or send a check or money order to offset the additional cost of dual/joint enrollment paperwork.

If you desire to receive the Tennessee Dual-Enrollment Grant, which is awarded by the
Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC) with funds from the Tennessee lottery, you must
complete the online form (www.CollegePaysTN.com). TSAC no longer accepts paper copies of the grant form.

Check with the college admissions counselor, website, or college catalog for more information
regarding the paperwork and process required by the college. Some colleges have a required consent/recommendation form for their dual/joint programs.

Dual/joint-enrollment paperwork requires more than just our signature. Please note that
Gateway must:

  • Verify Gateway enrollment for the appropriate school year. (Students must be enrolled with
    Gateway for the year in which they will be dual/joint enrolled. When necessary, this requires
    review and processing of the student’s Gateway enrollment forms before dual/joint-enrollment
    paperwork can be processed.)
  • Make sure that current high-school grades are received and posted on the transcript.
  • Check for updated ACT/SAT scores. Obtain and post scores on the transcript.
  • Calculate and post student’s GPA.
  • Determine appropriate high-school credit for specified college course(s) based on course
    description(s) in relation to the student’s updated transcript.
  • Send forms to the college or university, keeping copies of all forms for the student’s file.
  • Notify the parent/guardian when process is complete.

Please allow at least two weeks for completion of this process.

Not all college courses have a high-school equivalent. A high-school credit can sometimes be
earned by completing three to six college “credit hours.” Some college courses are beyond the scope of high school while others are too narrow to cover the full scope of a high-school course. College courses that are a close equivalent to a high-school course for which the student has already earned credit will not earn additional high-school credit. Some students may, however, take such courses for college credit only (joint enrollment). A Gateway counselor will determine whether college courses receive high-school credit.

Gateway students are required to do a minimum of 50% of their studies at home (for each semester). Students must take some core courses at home to remain a part of the Gateway program. Students taking all of their courses at another institution will not be considered students of Gateway. Gateway’s Home- Education Program is not intended for private instruction by anyone other than parents/guardians. We do, however, permit a portion of the student’s education by dual/joint enrollment.

Gateway students must not take enough college classes to be considered full-time college
Students who become full-time at another school (college or otherwise) would be
considered withdrawn from Gateway’s program.
Most colleges consider students to be full-time
when they take 12 college credit hours per semester. Similarly, students should avoid taking
enough college classes to complete their freshman college year while registered at Gateway. Most
colleges consider the freshman year complete when the student has earned 30 college credit hours. Students who complete the freshman college year before high-school graduation become ineligible for most college scholarships. Please note, also, that as soon as a student completes Gateway’s minimum requirements for graduation, he/she is considered to have graduated. Diplomas will be mailed approximately two weeks after we receive final grades.

The Gateway Dual-Enrollment Department is here to help you with dual/joint enrollment. You, the parent, however, are primarily responsible for making sure that everything is in order and all requirements (for both schools) have been met. We have more than 1200 juniors and seniors each year and many request dual-enrollment services. We handle such requests on a first-come, first-served basis. Our phone lines are often busy due to the nature of our counseling services. If you are unable to reach us by phone, you may fax your request to (901) 454-9814, leave a voice message on our main phone line (901) 454-1606, or email us at Gateway_@BellSouth.net. Please be sure to include the underscore, “_” character in our email address when you email. Address your requests to the “Dual-Enrollment Counselor.” Please note that we accept paperwork via email as a PDF attachment.



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