Gateway Home-Education Checklist

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Read this ENTIRE Checklist.

Reach out for input from experienced home educators.

Read books and web sites about home education.

Choose teaching materials. Your choice of teaching materials may make the difference between a year of suffering and an exciting year of learning for both you and your student(s). See our Sources page. Visit curriculum stores in your area. Complete the Educatinal Plan page with the specific books or other teaching materials you will use to teach. (For high-school students, be sure to include the specific course titles.)

We enroll new families in Tennessee and Mississippi Only.

Complete Application form in its entirety. Incomplete applications will be returned. In the past, nearly 10% of applications have been sent back to parents, thus delaying the enrollment process.

For New High-school students, don't forget to include the unofficial transcript showing credits. (Later, Gateway will request the official transcript by sending a record request to the previous school.

For ALL New students, give us the school address to request previous records. In the event these are not available from another educational institution, please send copies of the following documents: Birth certificate, Immunization report, Achievement test results (or other diagnostic testing), Transcripts from previous schools (or prior home school grades if these have not been reported to a school).

When changing schools, be sure to give written notice to previous school that you are withdrawing your child (even if change is during the summer). Indicate that you are transferring your child to a church-related school. Sample withdrawal letter here.

Be sure to complete the Educational Plan. (This is required for all grades.)

Pay REQUIRED FEES by PayPal and RECORD TRANSACTION ID on Gateway Application
ATTACH Check or Money Order and send by mail with Gateway Application:

$80 for the first child of your family; plus $30 for each additional 9-12 student plus $20 for enrollment of each additional K-8, ($200 max per family.) Note after October 16, 2020 add $20 increase per family for mid-year enrollment.

Record PayPal transaction ID on Gateway Application if sending registration forms electronically i.e. by Fax or email as pdf attachment.
If sending Check or Money Order, be sure to mail together with the Application and Educational Plan. (Applications received without payment will not be accepted.)

Make copies of Application and Educational Plan for your files.

Send Application with Educational Plan by Email, fax OR mail with Check or Money Order.

Begin teaching at home:

Contact us if you do not receive Confirmation of Enrollment Letter (Check your email.)
You should receive Confirmation of Enrollment by email (when possible) within four week of our receiving your correct and complete application. Included in that correspondence will be a Grade/Attendance Report form for later use. If you do not receive confirmation, please call our office.

Keep daily records to substantiate your efforts: We require 180 educational days per year, with 4 hours of instruction for a full school day. (This does not need to be an undivided block of formal, structured instruction time.) These records could include insights, inspirations, subject, pages, time, field trips, special classes, ideas for future studies, etc. (Some families use a spiral notebook, others a calendar; others use a teachers' lesson plan book. One family prepared a weekly family history.)

We begin processing applications for the new academic year in June. We encourage you to complete registration early (between June and Aug. 1) so that we can better serve you. It is important to register at the beginning of each school year in order to avoid truancy! You should expect confirmation of enrollment within four weeks of our receipt of your completed application. If you do not receive confirmation, please call our office.

We are here to serve you. We are not perfect, but we will do our best. If there is a problem, please call us. Remember, our phone number is (901) 454-1606, our FAX number is (901) 454- 9814 and our e-mail address is

Note: Kindergarten at an "approved school" is required by TN statute (T.C.A. ยง 49-6-201) for students entering 1st grade at PUBLIC schools. (Some private schools also have this requirement.) Kindergarten registration, though not required for home-educated students, could be invaluable in the event that the student transfers to another school for 1st grade. Such students could be tested to determine grade level placement. Without such registration the student would be required to begin school as a kindergartener.

Now that you have read this entire checklist, you are ready to request the registration packet from our office. Call or Email and mention "Entire Checklist" so that we can send you the packet.



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