2010 Graduation Ceremonies

**Please contact the graduation coordinator in your area ASAP if you are planning to participate in a spring ceremony 2009.

*** Gateway does not have a graduation ceremony. Please consult the following list for information on a ceremony in your area.

Chattanooga Area
CSTHEA Graduation Coordinator(s): Gary & Carol Hargraves
Contact Information: Email: gary@csthea.org OR glhargraves@tva.gov
(Email is the preferred means of communication)
Office: 423-751-2993
Home Phone: 423-344-1115 (call if no email)

Graduation Ceremony Date & Location: 1pm, Saturday, May 22, 2010
Central Baptist Church of Hixson (NEW Sanctuary)
5208 Hixson Pike
Hixson, TN 37343

Details: The following is the information provided by Gary Hargraves regarding the graduation ceremony:

Monday, January 18, 2010, 6:00pm EST
Oakwood Baptist Church (in the sanctuary)
4501 Bonny Oaks Drive
Chattanooga, TN 37416
(Please DO NOT call the church!!!)

All graduating seniors MUST attend!
Each graduating senior MUST be accompanied by at least one parent or legal guardian. (No student will be registered without a parent of legal guardian present.)
Each graduating senior will be sized for their gown.

Each graduating senior will pay their fees at the meeting.
Fees will be paid by check ONLY. (No cash will be accepted.)
Fee amount will be announced at the meeting, but should be between $175 – $250.
No graduating senior will be registered without providing payment at the same time as registration.

All other details will be gone over during the meeting along with a time for questions and answers.
The meeting should end somewhere between 8:00pm-9:00pm (EST)

(A $50 late fee will be applied for all those registering after the January 18, 2010 meeting.)
No one will be registered by phone, US mail, email or any other way than a direct, face-to-face meeting. If you miss the January 18 meeting and still wish to register, you must:

1) Email Gary Hargraves.
2) Send the email to BOTH of the following addresses: gary@csthea.org and glhargraves@tva.gov.
3) Include the name of your graduating senior in the email.
4) Include the name of the parent or guardian in the email.
5) Include a phone number of two where you can be reached in the email.
6) Put "Graduation" in the subject line of the email. (Emails without the required subject line may be deleted and not responded to.)

We will contact you by phone, email, or both and let you know the following:
1) If it is too late to register.
2) When and where Mr. Hargraves might be available to meet with you.
3) Whether it is too late for the graduating senior's name and bio to be listed in the program.
4) When your bio is due (if there is time for you to get it in before the layout editor's deadline).
5) When the late fee for your bio would be incurred. (Usually 1-7 days after your registration)
6) What your registration fee will be.
Jackson Area
WTHEA Graduation Coordinator: Kathy Allen
Contact Information: Email: skallen41@yahoo.com
Phone: 731-742-2574 or 731-693-7815

Graduation Ceremony Date & Location: May 29, 2010/ Northside Assembly of God

Details: Mandatory meeting Thursday, March 11, 2010, 6pm at Northside Assembly of God 27 Oil Well Road Jackson, TN
Check www.wthea.org for updates and information.
Knoxville Area
SMHEA Graduation Coordinator:
Cory & Barbara Bennett
Contact Information: Email: smheapres@gmail.com
SMHEA Office: 865-675-3073
Check www.smhea.org for updates on the graduation ceremony as they are posted. Here is a link to their graduation information.

Graduation Ceremony Date & Location: May 29, 2010

Details: Register for the 2010 SMHEA Graduation Ceremony online at http://smhea.org/graduation.html. You can also email: smheapres@gmail.com
Manchester-Tullahoma Area
Tullahoma Graduation Coordinator: Carol Vanattia
Contact Information:
Phone: 931-394-2249 or 931-273-5730
Email: caremorefarm@aol.com

Graduation Ceremony Date & Location: May 8, 2010

Details: Contact Mrs. Vanattia before April in order to be a part of the graduation ceremony.

Heart & Hearth Graduation Coordinator: Linda Reed
Contact Information: Phone: 931-596-3171 or 931-273-9708
Email: tnhomeschooler@yahoo.com or admin@tn-heart-and-hearth.com

Graduation Ceremony Date & Location: 2010 Date To Be Announced

Details: Check the Heart & Hearth website for updates and information: http://www.tn-heart-and-hearth.com/
Memphis Area
MHEA Graduation Coordinator: Tonya Richard
Contact Information:
Phone: (901) 465-5517
Email: graduation@memphishomeschool.org
Website: www.memphishomeschool.org

Graduation Ceremony Date & Location:
Saturday, May 8, 2010

Details: Check the MHEA website for updates and information: www.memphishomeschool.org.

Midsouth Home Educators Graduation Coordinator: Ginger Portwood & Diana Choate
(Tipton County/ North Shelby County Area )
Contact Information:
gportwood1@aol.com (Ginger Portwood) or
DianaMChoate@aol.com (901) 581-8425 (Diana Choate)

Graduation Ceremony Date & Location: May 15, 2010

Details: Meeting date and time to be announced soon. This is a student/parent lead graduation ceremony and reception. For more information, contact Diana or Ginger.

Faith Baptist Church Graduation Coordinator: Melissa Adkisson

Contact Information: Email: faithgraduation@aol.com OR 901-825-0287
***Please DO NOT call Faith Baptist Church***

Graduation Ceremony Date & Location: 10am, May 22, 2010/ Faith Baptist Church

Details: Please email the coordinator for more information and to be added to the mailing list for the upcoming meetings. All seniors for 2010 and juniors for 2011 should attend the information meeting.The first informational/planning meeting will be held at 7pm, October 22, 2009 at 7pm Faith Baptist Church in Bartlett. This graduation ceremony is open to all home-educating families and is parent/student organized. Rehearsal is Friday, May 21, 2010.
Mid-East TN Area (Athens, TN)
CHIMES Graduation Coordinator: Patti Gelineau & Belinda Judd
Contact Information: Patti: gelineaur@bellsouth.net Phone: 423-368-2351
Belinda: Djudd85@aol.com Phone: 423-745-7092

Graduation Ceremony Date & Location: To Be Announced
Nashville Area
MTHEA Graduation Coordinator: Bonnie Hoskins
Contact Information:
Email: office@mthea.org
Website: www.mthea.org

Graduation Ceremony Date & Location: June 5, 2010/ Two Rivers Baptist Church, Nashville

Details: Student’s family must be MTHEA members. Deadline to register is November 14, 2009 and mandatory parent/teacher meeting is March 3, 2009. More information may be obtained at: www.mthea.org______________________________________________________________________________________



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